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Hi, I'm Sarabi

I am a domestic shorthair cat.

A Little About Me

  • I was born July 1, 1994. I passed away on April 28, 2010, I was almost 16 years old. My mom misses me very much.

  • My family had a new baby and he was allergic to me and had to give me up.
  • On August 27, 1999 Ken and Cheryl adopted me from HAWS so that Pierre would have another bigger girlfriend.
  • I am very big. I weigh 17 lbs.
  • I love my food and will let you know when the bowl is empty.
  • I play with Jasmine, Libby and Jug Head but I don't like Pierre. Him and I fight often.
  • I don't play with toys much. I love to eat and sleep in Ken's lap in the evening.

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